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Installing Shared Repository


I currently have a test repository set up in the same schema as my code. I’d like to set up a shared repository so multiple developers can access and run different tests at the same time.

I have tried setting up different configurations identified in the Help documentation, but I must be missing something. Here’s what I’m currently trying:

  • schema A contains the code we want to test

  • schema B contains the Code Tester repository (tables and packages)

  • schemas C - n are specific developer accounts from which I’d like to be able to develop and run test cases

When I try to log into CT as user C, the tests fail to compile. When I try to troubleshoot the test code, I cannot even open the code (presumably because user B owns it).

I can log into CT as user B and run the tests, as long as user A grants EXECUTE permission on its code directly to user B.

What piece am I missing? The Help docs seem to indicate I should be able to develop and run tests as user C in this scenario.



Hello Mitch,
In the help file, there is a section about “use a single, shared test schema”.
Did you try it?




The qu_helper.share_test_definitions did help. Thanks, I hadn’t seen that part in the Help docs.

I’m now running into another error … “Duplicate Value” when trying to run a test from a developer account. Unfortunately, our development network is not connected to the internet so I can’t send the support bundle. I guess I’ll just have to play around with it some more.