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Instant Msg Usability Issue



I installed Inst Msg for 9i because I do not use other versions yet. When invoking Instant Mesagges form SQL Nav it always defaults to 10g. It would be smarter to default drop down list to the highest version for which file was installed otherwise I have every time to change the drop down list to 9i manually. It’s pretty annoying

Probably it will be cheaper to install all message files (only 500k each after all) but in this case the installation option that allows to choose file is redundant.

I also noticed when installing build 699 none of the message files were select but build 707 install have all message files selected and you have to unselected the ones you do not need. Was it done for a reason ?




Hi Vadim,

Thanks for your feedback. In build 709, improvements were made so that the drop down will default to the version of the database that you’re connected to. While it is not exactly what you were suggested (as you were talking about checking for each mesage file was installed), it should help reduce the annoyance factor. If you have a chance to play around with b 709, please let us know what you think.

In regards to the message files been pre-selected by default during the Knowledge Xpert installation, this was a decision made by the KX team. They probably had the same thought as you that “it will be cheaper to install al mesage files”. FYI, a silent installation of KX (eg. if you’re using the Nav Beta Update installer) will automatically install all messages files.




thanks. It worked fine after installing 709