Intellisence is slow or will stop working

nav 6.7

The intellisence will run slow or will stop working.

Intellisence is critical when coding packages and the developer is trying to make sure they pass the correct values to the procedure. Sometimes this will just stop working. We have no earthly understand as to why or exactly what we are doing that makes it stop. it just stops.

Also some times while coding when you open a parenthieses ( nav will just halt.

You can’t do anything but wait for nav to figure out you kinda know what your doing and it will let you go.

Select count( …20 seconds later…

This happens on all environments dev, qa, prod.

Hi Henry,

I’m not sure why it stops working, we haven’t seen this on our tests. With the open parenthesis - indeed, we have a problem. As a workaround, I would recommend that with a slow database connection, you should disable the auto-completion in Preferences and only call Code Completion manually when you need it (Ctrl+Space).

The good news is that we have much improved Code Completion in v7.0. Did you try it yet? If not, please download the Beta and try it. The second iteration of Beta is about to be released.


The first beta is too beta, I am waiting for the next drop then I will work on testing 7.0