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Intellisense - Case Correction


In the example above you can see that there’s a table called “ShipToTable” with
mixed case.

Any chance that when we type an exact match that it can correct the case of the

In the example above I keyed all lower case but the actual table name has mixed
case. It would be nice if it fixed the case the way it does in SSMS 2008.

(Note that it does fix the case on the column name I pick, just not on the table




This is actually kind of tricky since the code completion doesn’t actually
“apply” to the “shiptotable” part of the editor.

Another complication in regards to fixing this (That doesn’t really affect you)
is that this code is shared between several different database providers and on
MySQL specifically table names are case sensitive if the server runs on Unix (Or
more specifically a case sensitive file system).