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Intellisense / Toad Insight at the wrong time...

Sometimes the Toad Insight (Intellisense) feature gets in my way.

Take for example this scenario:



, CustomerName

FROM Customer

Let’s say I want to wrap something from the statement above in a function. For example say I want the first 60 characters of the CustomerName field.

The SQL Above is ALREADY in the editor, so you click in the character position immediately in front of “CustomerName”



, LEFT(CustomerName

FROM Customer

When you type the function name and open the bracket: “LEFT(” you immediately get an intellisense list of fields – and that’s GREAT when there’s nothing in the cursor position immediately to the right of the open bracket.

But when there IS something there it’s because I’m adding this after the fact and I DO NOT want the intellisense to display.

So to wrap something in a function like left, I have to do this:

  1. Click to the left of CustomerName

  2. Type: LEFT(

  3. Press ESC key to close the intellisense window without making a selection

  4. CTRL+Right Arrow to jump to the end of the field name.

  5. Type the closing bracket: )

  6. Press ESC key AGAIN because for some strange reason Toad Insight/intellisense is displayed AGAIN – even though I’m “Closing” the function and couldn’t possibly want that right now.

Point is having to hit the ESC key two extra times could be avoided if:

a) Toad insight were not displayed if character immediately to the right of the cursor position is not blank.

b) Toad insight were not displayed on keying closing brackets: )

Hi Darren,

Thanks for your suggestion,I try to do as your description but I didn’t get the same situation.

Could you send me a vedio and snapshot , I will follow it .



My E-mails is :

I’ve e-mailed Cathy some screen shots. I’d like to note however that after testing this some more my 6b request could not be reproduced – so ignore 6b).

Thanks for your e-mail,

I have create an issue TSS-299 for it.