intermittent TOAD.PDL problem with TOAD 10.1

One of my co-workers upgraded from Toad 9.7 to Toad 10.1. She has both 9.7 and
10.1 on her machine. But she only uses 10.1. She also only has 1 Gb of memory
but she is limping along until her machine is upgraded to 3Gb.

She has an intermittent problem with TOAD.PDL (whatever that is). When she
starts Toad she gets “c:\program files\quest\toad for Oracle 10\Toad.pdl
is corrupt and can not be decrypted. Please contact support”. Then Toad
closes. When she restarts Toad it works fine. So it looks like at some point the
PDL is being corrupted. But when she restarts it works. Is it possible that Toad
deletes the corrupt PDL and then on the next start-up it is recreated.

Are you using Toad Group Policy Manager anywhere? That file is associated with
that product.

We don’t. At least I don’t think so. I don’t even know what it