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Internal Error


I ran the following query (This is from sqlmonitor):

Timestamp: 08:47:50.959
SELECT a.q_name, a.msgid, a.corrid, a.priority, a.state, a.delay,
a.expiration, a.time_manager_info, a.local_order_no, a.chain_no,
a.cscn, a.dscn, a.enq_time, a.enq_uid, a.enq_tid, a.deq_time,
a.deq_uid, a.deq_tid, a.retry_count, a.exception_qschema,
a.exception_queue, a.step_no, a.recipient_key, a.dequeue_msgid,
a.sender_name, a.sender_address, a.sender_protocol, a.user_data,
FROM someschema.lca_que_oddnum_queue_tb a

Timestamp: 08:47:51.053
begin dbms_output.get_line(:line,:status); end;
line =
status = 1

and get:
OCI-21500: internal error code, arguments: [koiocon: opq], [], [], [], [], [], [], []

I had lost connection to the database and thought that was the problem, however, I shut down navigator still had the problem, shut down my pc still had the problem. This is an oracle queue table, I got this pressing [F3] in the table list. If I do a table that is not a queue table it works fine. I have 3 queue tables and all 3 error, I have done about 20 non queue tables and all seems fine.

Some additional information… SQLPLUS this select statement works. Nav 5.5 it does not, I checked with another user and it did work for them in 6.1. I am 1 version behind, I will install that, but will wait in case you have questions.

Ok, yet more information. I have recently had the 9.2 version of the odbc connection installed. (I have absolutely no clue what I am talking about so I don’t know if I am phrasing it correctly), but if I change back to the slightly older version it works fine… If I connect to sqlplus using the 9.2 it works fine.

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Hi Dale,

I can reproduce this issue but I’m no sure if it’s an Oracle issue or not. I tried with Toad and it has the same problem. This only happens with 9i client so a work-around would be to use a different client like 10g or 11g.



Hi Gwen, hi Dale

I think that the problem is due to the access of ANYDATA columns.
Soo, Dale, you could try not to select those columns.

I could not reproduce the issue with a 10g client.



Thanks everyone, I do know it works in sqlplus, but that does not mean it isn’t an oracle issue. I will see if we can get that upgraded!