Introduction to SQL Optimizer for Oracle Version 8

What benefits can the new Plan Control tuning bring to you?

  • It is the solution for applications for which you can’t change the source code.
  • You have only one source code but you have to tune your SQL statements to fit various sizes of databases. Package vendors can deploy their applications with different sets of baseline plans to fit specific customers working behavior.
  • It makes SQL tuning easier; any problematic SQL can be tuned without the need of going through a long cycle of application development.
  • SQL performance can now be deployed and rolled back by just point and click.
  • Same SQL fired from different programs can now be tuned by one single baseline plan.
  • Dynamically constructed SQL from programs can now be tuned without complex modification of source programs.
  • Bind sensitive or literal sensitive problematic SQL can be tuned without the need to force the SQL stick on one plan for all bind values or literals (It is a little bit complicated; I will discuss this technique later in my blog).
  • SQL baseline plans can be enabled or disabled according to the transaction volume and table sizes for daytime operation or batch operation. A SQL running in batch may need a specific baseline plan to complete the entire job efficiently while the same SQL running during daytime transactional operation may need a different plan to get quick response time to show the first few pages of records only.
    If you are interested in checking out our SQL Optimizer for Oracle 8 beta version, please download it from here: Please don’t forget to give your feedback.