Invalid variant type on procedure with Object Type

This procedure fails with this “Object Type” in the parameter block, **ku$_status1120.

**PROCEDURE p_status(p_job_name IN dba_datapump_jobs.job_name%TYPE
, – Job Name - from dba_datapump_job
p_job_owner IN dba_datapump_jobs.owner_name%TYPE
, – job_owner from dba_datapump_job
p_bool_wip IN OUT BOOLEAN
, – true when wip is true
p_bool_job_desc IN OUT BOOLEAN
, – true when Job Description is true
p_bool_job_status IN OUT BOOLEAN
, – true when Jobs status is true
p_bool_job_error IN OUT BOOLEAN
, – true when job_error is true
p_status IN OUT nocopy sys.ku$_status1120 – status
v_line_no integer;
v_line_no = 100;

SQL Navigator 6.6

Any suggestons?

Hi David,

I think I was able to reproduce your problem. It occurs when I try to run a procedure with a parameter of type sys.ku$_statusXXXX. I get a message ‘Invalid variant type conversion’ in the Output window and the Run tab (execution console) doesn’t come up. Can you confirm it’s the same problem you’re having?


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HI David

Can you please try our latest beta and tell us if it resolves your issue?
Roman has made some changes for you, and thinks he has fixed your issue.

You can download it from here: