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Inverse Engineering


Hi everyone. I’m trying to do Inverse Engineering to my Oracle 9i DataBase. When the wizard finishes, on the step “Tables”, I get the error:

"Source: CS3-Internal Error
Script: REDataMigratorDBOR
Description: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Row: 4326
Column: 3

REDataMigratorDBOR from package “Object RE Database for Oracle”

It happens when Toad Data Modeler tries to get the tables from the DB to select wich ones will be processed.

Any help??


Hi Oscar,

The problem seems to be in a step when TDM is collecting information on external tables through the system view SYS.ALL_EXTERNAL_TABLES.

  1. Either you don’t have rights to read this system view and ask your admin to grant rights for you
  2. or it is not available at all in your version of Oracle.

In case the the system view is not available, it will be in the log created during Reverse Engineering.
So, please, as to get further, I need the following.

  1. TDM version
  2. Oracle 9i version
  3. Reverse Engineering log

Thank you so far,