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Invitation to the Modeling Community Contest


Hello all Modeling community members!

I’m happy to invite you ALL to join our Modeling Community contest!
No matter if you’re Beta tester or not. Our contest is open for you all - members of our Modeling community.

Hmmm… Beta contest? Modeling contest? - Getting confused…?

A Little from History first… :wink:

The BETA contest started out together with our BETA testing program. With the release of the first official version of TDM3, v., first Beta testing period was closed (terminated by 30 September) and total winner was announced.
I’m sure you remember the winner was Chi. (Chi, congratulations again. :slight_smile: )
Beta contest for TDM 3.1 was announced then.

Now, we’ve decided to open the contest to you all - members of our Modeling community. So, let us invite you to join!

How to Join the Contest and Win

Well, just become a member of our Modeling community (I guess most of you are already…) and… ask questions, report bugs, share your knowledge, experience and ideas, post suggestions and recommendations, give advice and help other members, publish your scripts…
In other words, contribute to our Modeling community and be the most active and most contributing community member!

And what the prizes are?
You can play for three 25 USD Amazon Gift certificates (you can win only one, however automatically qualify for the grand prize :wink: ), and as a total winner, you can get the grand prize - third generation iPod NANO (4 GB)!
See the screenshot of the iPod here:

Hope you find the prizes attractive…

Tracking your extra points…

Our team evaluates all posts that come to our community and gives extra points for your contributions every week. The ‘Weekly Developer Surprise Award Announcement’ is posted in the forum where you can read how many extra points you got for the last week.

So, contribute to our Modeling community, get extra points, be the most active community member and win 4 GB iPod!

(Can’t be easier… :wink: )

The Modeling Community Contest has started 1 October (just after the first Beta testing period) and will run till June. So, there’s plenty of time and opportunities to win!
For more details on the contest, please see the ‘Participate in Modeling Community Contest and Win!’ section at:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Take care,

Vladka & TDM Team