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Invoking Favorites-sql is very slow

Every time I want to invoke my favoritte sql (ctrl+n), toad hangs for about 5 seconds, then the menu for the different favorites-sql pops up. Very, very frustrating.

On another matter here, they will pop up like:

  • Favorites
    Shared Toad

Then I have to select “Favorites” before I can select the wanted SQL statement.

I know its just one more click, but is there a way to avoid that extra choice? I want to invoke my favorites and that’s it.


Hello Olona,

If possible could you please send me a support bundle.

I also created CR 103,593 to see about going straight to the favorites without having to select the folder each time.



What do you mean by “If possible could you please send me a support bundle.”?


Hello Olona,

A support bundle can be created from the Help -> Support Bundle menu. It includes information about your system and environment.

If you do not want to post it on the forum you can send it to me directly at Michael.Garza [at]