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Is it possible to preserve test results?


I am exporting my test suite to a legacy export file (QUT). I am executing this file at the target repository schema (Importing the test suite).

Each time I import the suite, my old results are gone.

Is there any way to preserve these results?

Kind regards


Results should NOT be lost when you export. Please send me an email at and include the export file. I will ask Quest Support to create a ticket and we will see what is going on.

Regards, SF


Hi Steven,

I did not mean to export the results. I meant to keep the results in the target database, i.e. repeating the import process without affecting the execution results in the target schema.

Kind regards


When you exported, you chose to exclude results?

And then when you import you want to keep the results in the table that are NOT in the export file?

Sorry, that is NOT supported right now in Code Tester.

I suppose you could copy the qu_result table to a new table, do the import, and then replace the qu_result table contents with your copy.

But that is very very ugly.



Well I think that your idea is good. I will try to see if it works, are you sure it is only the qu_result table?

I was also thinking to break my tests into many test suites, so that when I update a test and propagate it to the continuous integration environment, I only loose the results for a small number of tests

Kind regards


Why don’t you just include results in your export?

As for making copies of tables and moving things back and forth, I have to tell you that we are not able to support such steps at this time.

You will have to make sure you disable and re-enable constraints and so on.



As for including results, my problem is that I have a test “development” environment (where the tests are developed) and a test “test” environment (where the tests are executed). The later is part of the continuous integration process, i.e. the tests are called from the build server. The databases have to be different, it is not under my control.

So I have two options left: 1 is to drop the target test results and the 2nd is to experiment with the qu_result table.