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Is it possible to run Benchmark Factory TPC-H Test using command line

Is it possible to run Benchmark Factory TPC-H Test using command line ?

Problem faced :

I have scheduled the TPC-H Power Test to run every 1 hr for 5 mins for scale factor of 5 .The Job runs as per schedule only if I have logged into the system but when I log off from the system the Job does not run at all.

so I have to log into the system and close the RDP connection w/ logging off.

Is there a way to schedule the job w/ keeping oneself logged onto the system …

There is a undocumented/unsupported COM interface which will allow you to execute an existing BMF job. I have attached a sample Visual Basic script file demostarting how to do this. You can then use the Windows Scheduler to execute a simular script. Make sure that you change the user context of the Windows task that you create to run the job to the account which installed BMF and has the job loaded, otherwise the script will not be able to find the job.
BMFAutomationSample.VBS.txt (920 Bytes)

Thanks Kevin…I’m able to run the job using command line “cscript.exe C:\BMF\BMFAutomationSample.vbs” but when I schedule the task using windows task scheduler it starts the cmd.exe and bmfactory.exe but the job does not run …Windows task is configured to run under the same account which is used to create the tpc job…Can you please point out what needs to be changed …

Thanks again


Here are a couple things to look at / try;

  • Look at any generated error logs in the /My Benchmark Factory/Error Logs directory to see if the job started but had an error. The BMFConsole_Error.log would be a good one to look at first.

  • If the job did not run you it did not load the jobs when BMF console started. Verify task user context information. Also you should have the “Run with the highest privileges” checked,