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Is it possible to use "User" information as parameter of "if-then.." trigger for automations?


Is there a way to gain access to TIC User information to use in an automation. For instance I would like to use 1 automation to return different results (using different run-time parameters for instance) based on the TIC User (or TIC Group the User belongs to) that is executing the automation in TIC. This would mean the difference between deploying 80 different automations shared with 80 different Users/Groups or 1 automation used by all. Basically, can I pass row-level security in an automation?


Alternatively, I know I can create a looped run of a SQL creating separate reports for each user.

Is there a way I can use parameters/variables when sharing with specific users/groups or publishing to specific folders?


The automation will not know who trigger it. As a result, you are not able to get the user infomation who trigger it in its context.

But it’s a good question. I will let the PM know to see whether we can do some enhancement in the future.


No, the variable value of view/automation can be specific in runtime or with default value when view/automation published.


I emailed you through private email but did not hear from you. Our product manager is interested in this scenario and would like to meet with you in Webex to find out more. if you are interested please email me at and include the URL to this post.