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Is it unwise to install spotlight on the same VM as the SQL instance?

Hi everyone,

First - apologies for what must be a noob question.

I am looking to install a trial version of Spotlight to investigate DB application performance issues. We have one SQL instance (we are a small org) on a dedicated VM serving several production databases (all 3rd party). Is it it a bad idea to install spotlight on that same VM? Should I be looking to install it on a different VM?

Will be purchasing a full licence if it turns out to be as useful as it sounds.

(Yes I have researched this extensively, but “install” “separate”, “architecture” etc are giving very broad/varied results.)



HI Elizabeth,

Excellent question! Though you can install Spotlight on the same VM, I would personally install Spotlight on a different VM simply because it is a production box. My reasoning is more on the cautionary side that anything else. You are having an additional 24/7 service (the Diagnostic Server) running on a production server in addition to monitoring it. If something should happen to the Diagnostic Server, it would be easier to work on trouble shooting it separated from your production server.

If you are running a trial version for a short term investigation, you could just install Spotlight on your local PC.


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Wow! Thanks so much for your super-fast response! I’m loving this community already.

Installing Spotlight on my local PC would have been my first option from the get-go - except we are running a thin client environment, so there’s no one home in the box on my desk. :slight_smile:

So… next noobie question - is it still alright to establish the stats and playback databases on the SQL instance being monitored? Or does Spotlight install its own local SQL server for that purpose?

with much thanks


Hi Elizabeth,

Spotlight does not install a local SQL Server Instance for the playback database or the statistic repository. You’ll need to create them directly on an existing SQL Server Instance:)