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Is Nav Development Dead?


Sad to say it looks like it. We haven’t seen anything since the last release and even the responses here are slow to come.

Despite the lip service to the contrary, I think the writing may be on the wall. I hate to see it because I think Nav is a superior product to TOAD or SQL Developer.


Hi Joe,

Sorry to make you inconvenience for this.

As our plan, we will send out a few nav build which include some bugs fix at the end of this month.



Hi Michael,

Thanks for the update. Yes, that would be good, as it has been a long time, but it appears that new features and serious development for this tool are not likely to continue. It’s too bad.


Hi Michael

Same feeling from our side. SQL NAV is better for us then TOAD, and I hope you’ll get time to correct the known bugs.

Waiting for 7.5, because 7.4 was not usable for us, due to formatting problems.




So, no new release in February and the version we have expires tomorrow. Can we expect a new file soon?