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Is there a faster way to create a test database?


I have been creating several test databases to test a hardware platform underload but I have been running into time constrains for building a database. For a TPC-H database with a scale factor of 22 (estimated 22 GB size for just the tables). This takes many hours, and only creates data at 4-7 MB/s, when under the actual TPC-H test the queries run at 800 MB/s. I am trying to vary the benckmark factory settings to test the limits of the storage, so I am starting a test run, monitoring what it does to the storage, then changing to a different test/scale factor/etc to feel out which is the best test. The many hours of create time between tests, however, is really holding me back.


Weird…this should be on the Benchmarking board, not the Unit Testing one.

Locking thread and re-posting on the other board.