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Is there a newer version of sql nav ready for us beta testererers?


We have been happly reporting various bug issues. I have a few users that are looking forward to upgrading but the slow connection stuff makes them worried. They perfer the devil the know rather than the devil they don’t know.


Hi Henry,

There’s no newer beta ready at the moment. But we will surely release another one before the end of current beta period(28 Feb 2011).

We’re very glad to see all the feedbacks from you. We’re trying to respond to every issue in time. I know we’re still running behind, though. We’ll work those out as quick as we can.



Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Get big stick. A baseball bat will do just fine.
  2. Use big stick on the left side of programmers head.
  3. Repeat step 2 as necessary.

Honestly - thank you for working so hard for us.


If you execute step 2 with a little too much enthusiasm, you may need to return to step 1 - and possibly also replace one or more programmers…

There’s no doubt they’re working overtime to fix problems and add features - just have a look at the release notes of each version…


From my perspect they need a bit more motivation!!