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Is there a way to monitor SQL services and report on them when they're down?

We recently performed our monthly maintenance on all our servers. One of the issues we ran into was that certain services (SQL Server, SQL Server Agent) didn’t start up after a reboot of our MS SQL Servers. I know that I can set them to delayed start or just open services.msc and look for myself, but I was wondering if Spotlight can be configured to alert when these crucial services aren’t running for any reason (crashed, didn’t come up after reboot, not responding, etc.).

Spotlight on SQL Server version

For SQL Server itself, if Spotlight cannot connect to an instance, you can configure an Alert Action to send an email (or other action) when, for instance, an alarm contains the phrase “Cannot connect.” There’s also an alarm that’s created when “The SQL Server Agent service is installed but not running.”

Thanks for you info Paul. I ended up using a program called WhatsUp Gold to report on the specific services. Maybe I’ll submit for a feature enhancement.