Is there a way to prevent a composite connection from hanging when using Toad Data Point

We are using a Composite 6.0 driver with Toad Data Point 3.7 currently. This has happened with previous versions of Toad Data Point and with Windows 7 / XP etc.

When a query starts but has not returned a result the application hangs. Attempting to cancel the query makes the issue worse. This also happens when code completion kicks in or previewing a table’s data. This does not happen when connecting directly to the original data sources just to the views in our composite connection.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. The work around seems to be to disable code completion / and to avoid query constructs that haven’t been tuned for composite, however many end users don’t have the advanced skill sets required.

Are you connecting to a Sybase database?

No it is IBM Composite with connections to oracle 11, sql servers and Teradata connections.

I don’t know Teradata but the other two have no problem canceling queries. I have found it to be faster sometimes to pull the data from other source databases and write it into one database and then run a query with a single connection. I always had performace problems cross platform queries.

When you use Composite you are using ODBC to connect. And with ODBC you get all the issues that come with that. This is why we code native providers as ODBC is so unreliable. If you are allowed to connect directly I would do that.

I didnt understand. tell me clearly

My understanding of Composite is it is a meta data layer that maps disparate databases you do don’t have to make a distinction whether it is a SQL Server or Oracle database. In order to do this they have to use a common way to connect to all data sources. The most common one is ODBC. ODBC is very simple and has errors. Toad Data Point doesn’t use ODBC for it’s more commonly used connections. We have better connectivity when not using ODBC. When using Composite there is no way of getting around that.