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Is there anyway to get RESOLVER clauses included in java source scripts?


RESOLVER ((* MYSCHEMA)(* YOURSCHEMA) (* PUBLIC)) ----- These are getting dropped from the scripts

Is this an option that I need to enable or is this a hole in the script generation?

Hi Sean,

Looks like it’s a hole. We just pull from user_source, and it looks like I need to also query user_java_resolvers to include this. Would you mind sending me a small example of a java source with a resolver? I tried to make my own but I keep getting errors. My java skills are pretty weak.



Nevermind on the sample. I figured it out. This will be fixed next beta. It will be always included when non-default unless someone tells me there is a reason that it should be optional.

Sorry, missed your first reply asking for the sample, glad you got it worked out though.

I can’t think of any reason it should be optional unless someone wanted the option to include the default resolvers in their script in order to be explicit.

I don’t include the defaults normally, but I could see that being something I or others might want occasionally.

OK, I added options to show it Always/Never/Only when Non-Default. The query to load them was pretty slow (even though it was very simple) so some people may just want to never show it, especially if they know they only have default values in there.