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Is this the same Index expert that's in TOAD?


This seems to be the same index expert that’s in Toad that is a descendant of the Lecco tool. Is it? I’ve found that it doesn’t work well in our highly indexed OLTP environment. We’ve been looking for something that replaces the late SQL Analyze tool from Oracle that was lost when they went to 10g. That tool was flawless in sql analysis and almost always reduced query cost 95% +. It not only recommended new indexes, but mostly recommended modifiying existing indexes to more efficient orders and columns. It worked like magic.
Using the Lecco tool for years and now the Toad tool, I’ve found it severly lacking, returning with “No Indexes required” on most of the queries no matter how high the intelegence is set. The few times it does offer an alternative, it’s either minor or overtly obvious. It never offers solutions on complex queries.(200 line, 10+ table joins etc…) Is this new tool a better version? Or just the Toad stuff repackaged?



Hi Bob,

Thank you first for using our Tuning product over these years. You are right that the Index Expert is from the engine in TOAD’s Tuning (or the Lecco tool as you have put it). The main focus in this release is to enhance the automation in the SQL Optimization process. We have added a new module, Optimization Queue, to do batch optimization and to reduce the amount of user interaction. Sadly, this made no time left for us to enhance the Index Expert to what we want it to be. However, we do see index recommendation as an important part in database tuning. We have planned in future version to have a new indexing engine that will give index recommendations over all SQL statements in your database.

Though we cannot provide you a new indexing engine today, your feedback is exactly what we want to hear more in this Community. We appreciate your telling us what our strength is and what we are lacking. This will help us shape the future SQL Optimization product you like.



Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle has two indexing features. One is called Index Expert and is found in the SQLab module. It takes a single SQL statement and finds multiple index sets that product a unique execution plan for that one SQL statement. The other indexing feature is Global Indexing (It was called Cross Index Analysis in the previous versions of SQL Tuning). Global Indexing takes a group of SQL statements and finds one set of indexes that may produce better performance overall for that group of SQL statements.