Is Toad Edge freeware license still available?

I know a few years ago you would get the freeware functionality by default once the 30-day free trial expired.

Is there still a freeware license available for Toad Edge?

Or is the only option available a commercial license?

I will be using it for more than just personal use if that matters (It didn't matter in the old freeware license, but I know things change over the years)

I see that the "Freeware" vs. "Commercial" feature comparison still exists in the UserGuide - so that makes me think that freeware license is possible.
But to keep my company's IT dept happy I need something more official from the vendor. (ex. a Quest employee statement that freeware license is indeed the default license after the 30 day free trial expires and that the freeware license can be used for for-profit activities.)