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Issue opening a saved Export File created under one connection z/OS (saved under personal PIN)



I have created multiple Export Files under a personal PIN on DB2 z/OS but when someone else tries to open the files they are prompted to connect on a LUW connection. Is there a setting I or an ADMIN could change? (The dropdown menu only allows for LUW connection)



Can you please supply more details like:

  • Exactly how are you creating these files (what feature in Toad are you driving)?
  • What are the extensions of the file names you have created (i.e. xlsx, csv, etc)?
  • What do you mean by 'under a personal PIN'?
  • What version of Toad DB2 are you running?




I am running Toad Data Point
I am creating the export files using the export wizard feature (the save a txp files).
As for Personal PIN I mean, where I work we connect to the database using a PIN and password (everyone has their own) and the issue is if employee Y creates an export file, employee X cannot open the export file without Toad prompting to establish the connection under the PIN it was created with (Employee Y's) or connect under a LUW connection with employee X's PIN/Password.



OK - so now I understand that you are creating an export template file (txp file) and trying to have another person use that file. I thought you were initially talking about export files (such as csv files). Toad places the connection profile name within that txp file. And when another person opens that txp file and does not have the exact profile connection name, toad will prompt that person for a connection to use. A person could then select another connection to use and/or create a new connection to use. If that person already has that exact named connection profile but it points to a different DB2, this will not work. I do not think there is much we can do if that is the case. If you wish to have the Toad Team look into this I suggest you open a support case at so we can capture and track all things important to this like: your txp file, your connections.xml settings file, the other user's connections.xml settings file, etc.


OK now I see the issue using Toad Data Point. When prompting to select a connection, the Connections dialog only shows the DB2 LUW connections and not the DB2 z/OS connections. Running Toad DB2 - you will not see that issue (that is what I was running).
As a work around in TDP, even though the Connections window display shows LUW connections only, you can use the 'Database Alias' drop down control to select your DB2 z/OS subsystem and create a new connection profile and that should work.

I have opened TDP issue: QAT-14811 to track this issue.