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Issue while SQL Navigator release 5.1 connecting to Oracle DB


I have
SQL Navigator release installed in my desktop
License version X-pert Edition
Licensed Options
PL/SQL Debugger
Knowledge Xpert For Pl/SQL
Xper Tuning

My issue is when ever I will connect to remote Oracle DB first time in every day, In Log-pn screen i will type all
Database, Username and Password then click on ‘OK’ it will get hang ( Will not go further- will Not respond).
Then I have to close this SQL Navigator,then i have to re-start Sql Navigoat again then it will not hang It will go further then I can able to work in sQL navigotror… FIRST TIME when I will log on it will happend this way…Always in daily I have to do this …

What is the Fix on this ,is there nay have this issue beofre…I have 2-3 users using this SQL NAVIGAOR in my work place all have the same isssues…Please let me know if you have any details…
Thanks in advance


Hi Mahesh,

Sorry to hear that you have to go through the reload every day…

We are not sure why you have this issue. We could not reproduce it using SQL Navigator here with our environments.

I would suggest that you try with the final v6.2 Beta build and see if you would get the same issues. For more info, please refere to

We made changes in the log-in screen to have support for 11g clients, Direct connection, LDAP support…v6.2 might fix your issue but I am 100% sure as we could not reproduce your problem yet…

Our Dev team are not maintaining the v5.1 code base anymore. If you would need further assistance, I would suggest that you contact our Support team @ who is better equipped to assist you with issues like this.

Please let us know how you go with the v6.2 build.

Thanks and regards,



As the 6.x versions differ in several ways from the 5.x versions (new code editor and db explorer), I’d suggest to first upgrade to 5.5 ( is the latest version, AFAIK).
I’ve used version 5.5 extensively, and never encountered big problems with it.