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Issue with Editor Toolbar in


I was somehow able to get an unusual situation in my Toad environment. In the connection toolbar, I show my production server name (I’ll call it prod1). On the editor tab, it displays the production server name and database that I was connected to, but in the editor toolbar, it shows a database from the development enviornment (I’ll call it dev1). Code completion displays a list of tables in the DEV1 database.

I would expect these tool bar drop downs to be synchronized. If I have prod1 displayed in the connection dropdown, I would expect to see the prod1 databases listed in the editor toolbar drop down.

Am I being dense?

Mike Hayes


To Mr. Mike Hayes:

Thank you for posting in Toad World! I was able to replicate this issue, but only for MySQL Connections. Please advise if you exhibit this issue on other platform connections.

Pictures are worth a thousand words! Post a picture of the discrepancy if you can.

I have made a ticket: QAT-2251, to see if we can process and address this issue for our next Toad Data Point Release!

-Joshua Liong


I did a quick test on this and cannot reproduce. The database name on the connection needs to match the case. Can you check to see if this is the issue?

Also, when you change the database in the navigation manager, it will use that database when opening the editor. If assumes that is the current database you want to use and over rides the one you put in your connection as the default. This also might be what is occurring.


I’ve tried to reproduce this behavior in, but can’t. I’m not sure that I had a specific set of steps that would work to reproduce this, but now when I have two connections open, the connections appear to be synchronized.

Note that all database, instance and connection names are uppercase. Also note that I’m not using navigation manager.