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Issue with error highlighting


Hi Guys,

Say, when I have a problem with my sql, Nav will highlight the problem place with a black background and red letters. Although this looks like it’s “selected” (as in dragging your mouse over it), it isn’t. This is very annoying and confusing. In 5.5 the whole line was highlighted which made it less confusing.

So, my suggestion would be to either truly “select” the problem area or change the highlighting. (Which, btw, is hard to read)


p.s. my attempts to change this color don’t seem to make any impact.

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Hi Jet,

In my opinion, highlighting the specific word that causes an error is a lot more useful than highlighting the whole line. Especially because you can hover your mouse at it and see the error description. Speaking of the colors - yes, probably red on black isn’t the best combination we could choose (note that the background becomes black only when the cursor is inside, otherwise it’s grey). We chose black simply because the cursor was invisible on grey. We are open to suggestions. We can try them all and choose the best.




I’m fine with it highlighting just the word that it problematic, but if you’re going to use black, you need to actually “select” the word too. So, if I hit the backspace, or start typing the problem word disappears.

Black just means “selected” in windows for the most part. I don’t know what to change it to, I just know that right now it doesn’t feel right as it’s very hard to read and I keep thinking the word is selected when it isn’t.

I’d play with different colors for the highlighting, but I can’t seem to get it to change. I guess that option isn’t implemented yet?



Hi Jet,

I’ve changed the colors. Now it will be white/yellow on red background. Tell us what you think when you try the next build.



Roman, the new colors are better, but they don’t go away quick enough. As soon as I click on the window, the color should go away. In fact, right now, if you type right next to the highlighting to fix the problem it highlights the new stuff!

Getting closer!



Hi Jet,

In the next build you will see more changes to this. I’ve changed the colors again to make them less ‘intrusive’, and now the highlighting goes away once you make a change. Hope you like the enhancements.



Sounds good. I look forward to seeing the changes.


the changes have been made and it’s really promising. :smiley: