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Issues after connecting to MS SQL Server


I am using the Beta version of Toad Data Point to connect to MS SQL Server. I am connecting to a particular database. I am unable to “refresh schema”, is it not available within the DB I am using. Also, in the object explorer the DB name isn’t showing up. Can you help look into this? These items are available when using for Hive (the other connection I typically use). I have a ticket open for this with support. The ticket number is |SR Number:4371447|.



Ticket 4371447 states you are connecting to SQL Azure Data Warehouse? TDP did implementation to lightly support this kind of database, it should be available in new beta.


Hi Cindy,

I am using the Beta version and the issues I mentioned are with the Beta version. Can someone help look into them?

Is TDP only going to lightly support SQL ADW in the future? The full functionality does not seem to be there at least compared to the coverage in Hive.

Please advise.


New beta is on the way, could you please try new beta once is out ? yes it lightly support SQL ADW, please advise what feature you would like to have so that we can evaluate it.



The latest beta supports SQL ADW, has been posted.


Hi Qing & Cindy,

Thank you for letting me know the new Beta is out. I will download it and test the support for SQL Azure Data Warehouse. I will advise of any features that I would like to have to evaluate it.