JDWP setup - configuration

JDWP Debug Setup

  1. Debugger host is not saved. If “prompt for debugger host” is marked and a connection is established the drop down list is empty even if connected before.

  2. It would be nice if hitting return would work in that dialog.

  3. When using an ssh-tunnel debugger host is usually “localhost” with a port being reverse tunneled/forwarded to a local one. In this case it would be nice to simply specify in configuration to use localhost without being prompted forthermore.

I have made changes to address the first and second issues. The last five hosts will be in the drop down.

There’s also now the ability to set the debugger host to be static so you can set it to “localhost” without being prompted each time. This can be set in the Debugger Options.

You can take a look at these changes in our upcoming 13.2 beta.

Hi Mike,

thx a lot for the changes.

I usually don’t find the time to use the beta but stick with the official version.

It would be great if the release cycle could be decreased so that 13.2 would be available maybe end of this year for X-Mas.

Best regards


Not a problem, let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see.

I’d recommend breaking your 4th comment into a separate post on here so it’s easier for other users to vote on that as an individual topic.

The idea of a shorter release cycle is currently being tossed around as an idea and I believe a survey will be coming out on the forums at some point to get some feedback on it.

done, have a great week