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Job Manager Error Closes TDP - Config Win10


I recently updated to TDP When updating each task to run on Win10 with these steps:

  1. Open Job Manager
  2. Edit Task
  3. General tab
    A. Checked Run whether user is logged on or not.
    B. Checked Run with highest privileges.
    C. Configure for: Windows 10 Enterprise.
    D. Hit OK.
  4. Task manager box appears to enter password. Enter password and it closes out like normal.

I can get one task to update to configure to Win 10. When I go to do a second task, with the same steps as above, after I select OK in step 3, TDP does not recall the password entry in step 4 and TDP closes down completely without saving any unsaved work to recover.

Is there a solution to update all Tasks to Configure as Windows 10?
Or is there a solution to this issue to update each individual task without crashing TDP?