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Job Scheduler, Error: Variant is not an array



I found another error in Job Scheduler:

Every time when I click the “New…” Button I get an error:

21:35:03 Variant is not an array

However, this does not happen in 9ix, solely in on my notebook.

Please see the attached file.

I do hope it’s not to late for the next beta.

Best Regards



sqlnav55beta_amei_bug04.doc (125 KB)


It happends when your user have insufficient privs.
I will find which one is missing.


It should be enough to have CREATE JOB privilege, to use scheduler.
Suppose, programers used “dba%” dict instead of ‘all%’ dict, than user should have more privs to use this wizard.


This error has been fixed in our current build… which (all going well) will be released as the new beta build soon.


System Privileges associated with the scheduler:

Enables the user to create jobs, schedules and programs in their own schema. The user can always alter and drop jobs, schedules and programs which they own, even when they do not have the CREATE JOB privilege.

Enables the user to create jobs, schedules, and programs in any schema. This effectively gives the grantee the ability to run code as any user so it must be issued with care.

Enables jobs the ability to use programs from any schema.

Enables jobs to run under any job class.


Enables the user to create, alter and drop job classes, windows and window groups. It also enables the user to purge scheduler logs and modify scheduler attributes.


Thanks for full explanation.

Regards Piter


Hi all,
I assumed that it could be a problem with previleges.
Because this has already been fixed I’m very happy :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.
It is really a pleasure to work with such pleasant people.

Best Reards.


“It is really a pleasure to work with such pleasant people”

The same to you! If you have anything else that you notice in the product, please post it here so we can get a quick fix to you!



Hi Andre,

It has been our pleasure to work with you too. We are all looking forward to working with you more closely in the future to make the product No. 1 IDE tool in the market, that is our goal and promise to you :-).

Thanks and regards,