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Job Scheduler Help


The on-line Help for the Job Scheduler does not go with the program in a few places.

  • The way the Help steps through the Wizard does not match the Wizard (there is no Job Name, Job Type).
  • I can’t seem to follow the “To attach a program…to a job”.
  • “To creat a schedue” is wrong (#2, #3 are wrong).



With all the recent work on the job scheduler, we have inadvertently let the help file become horribly out-of-date (that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it ).
I’ve raised a high priority CR to have the Help for the job scheduler reviewed and updated…
Thanks for pointing this out Charlie!!



Hi Jaime!
I think that this help is correct for dbms_scheduler package in 10g. You have to add some words about using this tool in earlier verions of Oracle, which is using dbms_job. Roman knows details.

Regards Piter


Yep, I’m with you Piter…