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Job Scheduler problem

I understand that job manager is no longer supported and new versions of sql nav will not include it. However I never managed to view any job submited with dbms_job.submit using job scheduler. Am I doing something wrong or this type of jobs are not supported by sqlnav.

Thanks In advance

Unfortunately, when Oracle switched to the new scheduler, they also switched which DBMS package you have to use. Instead of using dbms_job.submit, you’ll want to use dbms_scheduler.create_job. A decent reference is this chapter out of the Oracle Database Admin Guide called “Moving from DBMS_JOB to Oracle Scheduler”:…/appendix_a004.htm Hope that helps.

However oracle did not desupport the dbms_job package so I don’t see any reason why change application code using dbms_job to the new package. I think that you should reconsider about job manager or make job scheduler to support jobs submitted with dbms_job. I believe that job scheduler allows user to submit jobs with old package, it seems strange not to be able to manipulate them.

There is a condition checking when Job Scheduler starts: If the database is 10g or above, it uses dbms_scheduler package; if it is below 10g, it uses dbms_job
– and then it works just like Job Manager does.

So if the database you are connecting to is above 10g, you will not be able to see any jobs created by dbms_job.submit. This is how the Job Scheduler was decided.
Job Manager was always shipped as a standalone executable and the company stop maintaining it a few years ago. That’s why we decided not to include it from now on. However, SQLNAV-1643 is now created as an ER to implement functions to manage jobs created dbms_job
package. We will let you know once it is implemented.



Thanks for the reply and actions