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Job Scheduler Save


This seems a little mis-leading to me, but when creating a new Job, the Save button does not actually save the job. You still have to Commit it. SqlNav does ask if you want to commit if you close, but, since I hardly ever use DML with SQLNav, I always say No to the commit question if it ever pop up (so I don’t accidently change something unintentionally).

On the other hand, this may be a separate problem, but if you go into the Job Manager, then edit a job, you don’t have to hit commit. It is saved by clicking OK on the PL/SQL window.



I think Roman and friends must check it, but in my opinion dbms_scheduler.create_job don’t must be commited. It has autocommit inside package dbms_scheduler. I think that save simply calls dbms_scheduler procedures, so it should work without commiting transactions.

By the way dbms_job must be commited. :wink:


Charlie , if you are connected to oracle version prior to 10, there should be called commit under Save Button. Roman shoul check it.

Regards Piter.


I think you are right, we should commit on Save when working on Oracle below 10g. I will do it in the next iteration.



I’ve added a CR into the system for this!!



Roman has fixed this in our ‘system testing’ build.