Joining household names to send out one mailing, can't figure it out

Hi all,
I have a list of individuals, some are husband and wife and i want to send out one mailing where it will read John & Mary Doe, 123 main st from the list below:

John Doe 123 main st
Mary Doe 123 main st
Charles Smith 456 vinal ave
Mike smith 234 main st
and so on…

I been searching online for tips but could not find the right one or could not get it to work in Toad. I could do it in Excel but that takes longer. Any tips will be appreciated.

Tables im using are: CUST, CUST_ADDR, INDIVIDUAL
Fileds im using: HH_No, CustNo, Fname, Lname, Address, city, state, zip


Thats a tough one. In this particular case I would say it would be best to do in Excel. You have to use some kind of procedural logic to evaluate more than one row. That needs to be in Excel VBA, in a database proceedure or in a scripting language.


Thanks Debbie, i will do that. I wasnt sure if the SQL would be less complicated but seems like it will be a lot of work. Im pretty good with Excel so shouldnt be a problem.

P.S. In our next release TDA 3.0 we are including an embedded database with the product. Here you will be able to create your own function/procedure.