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Keep getting incorrect syntax error when trying to scan sql


Hi, maybe I’m being really daft here. I have triued repeatedly to scan the stored procedures stored in my HR database system and each time I do I get an error on the scan results that reads

This job had an error during the process of scanning SQL.

After reviewing the error below, you may try to restart the process by clicking the Scan button.

Incorrect syntax near ‘Live’.

Lets say for example my Database name is [TestCompany Live]

What am I doing wrong here do you think?
Must I rewrite the procesures to enable SQL Scanner to read them.


What’s the version of SQL Optimizer for SQL Server you are using?




Thanks for your input.

It works well in 6.6.1 or before. We can reproduce the problem in 7.0 and comfirmed it is a bug. CR 79056 has been created and it will be fixed in next release or hotfix.

If you have any questions about SQL Optimizer for SQL Server, please feel free to post it here.




If your case is urgent, you can contact the support to request a hotfix.