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Keeping Toolbar in place


Ok, I have reinstalled Nav on a Windows 10 box and now I cannot keep the list of my open sessions at the top of the screen. I move it, but it doesn’t get saved there.

What’s the trick here?


Hi joethejet,

Wchich version SQLNAV are you using now? Does it use two monitors?

if can provider screenshot or steps to us, that will be helpful to reproduce issue.




I’m using

yes, I have two monitors, but I didn’t have this problem on W7, of course with W7 I wasn’t using this version of the software either.

There are no “steps” if I move the session toolbar to the top and then exit, the next time I enter Nav it’s back on the bottom. Very annoying to have to move it every time.

In addition, I just noticed that it isn’t remembering the size or positioning of my windows when I reopen. So, since I have so many open, it forces the scrollbars on which means I have to move the windows around, again, to get rid of them. Oh, and speaking of scrollbars, when I resize so that you don’t need them any more, Nav doesn’t realize it until I move the scrollbar. That should be easy to test.


Uh, now I customized some other toolbars and it seems to remember the location. Weird. There’s still something going on here I think.


Ok, in the new version Nav isn’t remembering any of my settings for my toolbars. Is this a reg edit thing?

Ok, I found this post Losing taskbar location which fixes that problem, but now Nav doesn’t remember how I had the window sized when it restarts. What setting is that?