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Keyword value problem


I have a problem when I want to execute procedure (id edit mode loaded in the editor) in a package.
There is this code in the package:

**update CD08T006 set value = value + 1
where Parameter = ‘SEQ_FILE_WAPAS’; **

and Toad reports this message, and it is impossible execute the procedure

[Information] Syntax check (2125: 27): Found: ‘value’ The name of the identifier might conflict with a keyword

It is possible to run this code as separate sql query of course and it is possible to run this procedure in package when i call execute from the schema browser: packages/right click on my package/execute package

I remove the all the text “value” from view/toad options/editor/behavior/code templates/rules/condition but it did not help.

I have Toad, Oracle 11.2, Oracle client 10g
My coleague has the same problem on the same environment.

In older version of Toad everything was ok.

Thanks for any ideas,

I answer to myself :slight_smile: … and it is very easy

update CD08T006 set **CD08T006.****value = value + 1
where Parameter = ‘SEQ_FILE_WAPAS’; **