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KILL Results In a "IDbConnection is already owned by the IConnection" Error

My apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I tried to post in Community Discussion but couldn’t figure out how!

If I try to kill a long-running SELECT statement running in another tab (separate instance), and I try to rerun the same SELECT statement, I get the following two dialog boxes. Thereafter, I can run the SELECT statement again without further interruptions.



This doesn’t happen in SMSS (or indeed, any other non-TOAD program), so I hope I’m accurate in saying it’s Toad-specific behavior.

The precise steps to replicate the error is:

  1. In one tab, execute SELECT * FROM Table, where Table is very large so the process takes many seconds.

  2. In another tab (separate instance), execute KILL 105 or whatever the process number is.

  3. Going back to the first tab and trying to rerun the same SELECT statement triggers both dialog boxes. I click “Yes” on the first and “Try Again” on the second.

  • KJ


sorry for such delay. Yes, this is right forum to post the question.

I’ve played with this and confirm this is not designed behavior. I’ve created CR110804 to track this.

thanks a lot for the input.