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kind of a drag


I really like the ability to drag the table name and column names from the DB Explorer to the UE. This was a pleasant surpise.

The drag from the Grid is a little harder to use. There isn’t a cursor indicator as to where the text will go when you let go of the drag. If you are trying to put the column in between these two words SELECT FROM, it’s hard to know where to drop it without the cursor indicator.

Also, (I may have mentioned this before), in the Columns Pane, it would be nice to be able to drag the fields to change the order, instead of only having the Move Up/Down buttons. I have tables with a couple hundred columns, and it takes a long time using the button to move a column from the end to the beginning. And the ablility to move multiple columns at the same time would be helpful.


  1. Glad you were pleasantly surprised

  2. Wow… I didn’t even know that you could drag the column names from the grid!! You have taught me (and Sekhar) something here Charlie. Agreed that you do need the insertion point here too. I will raise a CR for this.

  3. Yes, there is already a CR for this sort enhancement (raised by you).

  • Jaime -



  1. Also, the ability to drag the column names from the Column Pane would be nice.


  1. “your wish is my command” - well, as long as I can convince Roman
    I’ve logged an enhancement request for this.
  • Jaime -


Well, no need to convince me. I’m happy to do any enhancements that make sense.