Knowledge Expert: Toad

Perhaps my memory is just failing me and I am remembering wrong. Once upon a
time (round about version 7 of Toad if I remember correctly) Knowledge Expert
could be queried for Oracle errors such as:

ORA-01722: invalid number

Process I followed:

In the search box, select Knowledge Xpert

Enter: ORA-01722

That takes me to the Knowledge Xpert page with a message indicating “No
Record found”.

Querying on “to_number” produces the documentation around the

Question: Is the documentation on the oracle error messages no longer available
or was I remembering something that was never available?

Roger A. Simoneau
Alberta Blue Cross

The new web search looks broken.

If I use Search > Search Knowledge Xperts and enter

‘ ORA-01722’

I get this from the KX Light window

I’ve copied the KXpert/ToadWorld editor, hopefully he has more information
around this behavior.