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Knowledge Xpert uninstall


I uninstalled my previous version of SQL Nav, and uninstalled my PL/SQL Knowledge Xpert and my Oracle Admin Knowledge Xpert. Then installed SQL Nav 5.5, including the PL/SQL Knowledge Xpert. Then I ran SQL Nav. Opened a SQL Editor window, typed Select * from Dual, and ran it. Then I pressed for the Knowledge Xpert. I get the attached error message. Then when I press OK, the Search KX comes up. I can see that the Oracle Admin is the KX it is trying to search. I had uninstalled it, but I didn’t re-install it. Somehow, SQL Nav still thinks I have it.

The last time I used KX (before I uninstalled it), I was in the Oracle DBA KX. The uninstall does not clear that out.



Interesting. I thought I had an easy answer for you, but you found more than an install/uninstall problem. I think there’s a problem on both sides of the fence here (Nav and KXpert are each culpable). I’ll work with the two teams to get this resolved in the next beta.

Jaime, you can contact me offline and I’ll go over the issue with you.

Thanks, Charlie!