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Don’t know if this is something you are responsible for or not, but I am trying to use this more and am recomending it to others, but 1 thing that is very annoying is when you click the button it launches a search, the search is part of Navigator, when you search, find, and select your topic the knowledge expert pops up as a separate window and it is usually behind the search window but in front of navigator, if you grab the seach box to move it out of the way the topic hides behind navigator. It would be nice if both were either part of navigator or both separate from navigator.

Not a biggie, jut trying to make navigator more of a 100% db useage tool.


Hi Dale,
Thank you for your note.

We will try to take you directly to the Knowledge XPert Search windows and will not need to go through the internal search window as per your suggestion. I think that would be a better flow. I raise a CR and we will look into this for you in 6.3.

Thanks and regards,


The Knowledge XPert window has also the search feature as attached screen shot…


I had noticed that and did use it. This is not a big issue, If instead of clicking the window to move it just click the window you want to look at it works fine, so for now it’s just a “familiarization” issue.