Hi, I’m designing a report
that shows data in Master detail format.
My result set is for example contains
deptno,loc, empno,name,sal.
I’m grouping on deptno and loc.
SO the report looks like

deptno : 10 <–Group header band1
loc : XXX

empno name sal <–groupheader band 2

1 a 2000 <–detail band1
2 b 2000
3 c 2000
4 d 2000
5 e 2000

I want to know whats the way to hide the labels
(empno,name and sal) if any dept doesnt have employee.
I want in that case no labe;s be shown for empno,name and sal.
Only deptno and loc is shown.

I tried binding the lables but then it shows actual column value
without column name.
Is there any way ? can scripting do it, how?

Sorry. I don’t know how to do that.