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Lag in Editor - TDP


I’ve been noticing an issue with files in the editor (text editor - not query builder), where as the larger the file gets (line count), the more and more lag is noticeable when working with the file in question.

Today I’m working with a script with ~900 total lines, and when simply trying to add two things to it, CPU usage has spiked to over 50% and I’ve already filled the keyboard buffer waiting for the text to appear on the screen.

Note that this doesn’t appear to be a PC issue, as no other programs have this kind of lag - ever.

It’s gotten so bad that I’m using Sublime Text to actually do my coding in, and only TDP to run the file.


When opening a script the Editor Navigator docked window is parsing the file by statement type. On large files is can take a lot of time. You can turn this off in the options as shown in screen shot. That should help.