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LER model, Domains


I LER it is possible to add ValidValues to attributes/fields.

But this tab is not available in Domains.

You can substitute data type by domain in attribute of entity. That replaces data type. But valid values can be set only in attribute and only for explicit data type, not when used with a domain.

To sum up:

  1. Domains do not have ValidValues tab when appropriate data type is used.

  2. If (1) is OK, then in attribute editor no Valid Values tab is available if used with domain whose data type supports valid values.

  3. if (1) is broken, attribute editor still could contain Valid Values tab, but only as read only when using domain with type that supports valid values.


Hello Arki,

Thank you for asking this question.

In the future, it will work this way: You’re defining a domain. - If you select a data type that supports Valid Values for the domain, you will be able to define the Valid Value on appropriate tab in the Domain Properties dialog. Then you will simply select the domain for the attribute in the Attribute Properties dialog.

  • At the moment, Valid Values tab is not available in domains as we’re working on this.

Thanks for your patience.