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License Keys


Apart from a network install, in what scenario would SQLNav’s license key file NOT be stored in the SQLNav application installation folder, i.e. next to SQLNAV5.exe?



Hi Jeff, and welcome to the SQL Navigator community…

From SQL Navigator version 5.1 (I think it was), the location of the QSAuthorize12.key was moved from the application directory to the User Profile.

So I guess the answer to your question is; in all scenarios, after SQL Nav 5.1

  • Jaime -



So I guess now a single install of SQL Nav could have a theoretically unlimited number of license keys associated with it. Tres cool.


I often run into fellow users and customers that need to know how to manage their software deployments, esp among multiple users on a single machine. This feature will definitely make this much easier task when dealing with SQL Navigator.


Well what can I say… we are an innovative bunch, here on the SQL Nav team

… thanks for your thoughts Jeff.

  • Jaime -