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Limiting number of rows in Data Compare between two tables

I’m consistently timing out on my connect while trying to compare two tables. I suspect this might be to the table size, roughly 1.8 million rows.

Is there some way I can limit the number of rows being compared? I’m fairly confident the tables match, so 100,000-250,000 rows are all I’m looking for.

Any thoughts?

Try limiting the rows by using a where clause.

Thanks Debbie.

Is there a trick in how the where clause needs to be formatted?

MySQL statements that are valid in MYSQL Workbench (select * from user where username > ’ ') aren’t accepted as valid by TOAD.

These where clauses like below work for me. What are you trying to limit when using "username > ' ''? Are you trying to not compare nulls? When I try to filter for nulls or empty strings I am having difficulty also. Please clarify what you want to accomplish and I will look into it.