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Line Errors in an Oracle PL/SQL Procedure


I am trying my first Oracle PL/SQL Procedure. I am trying to test and am getting error messages for specific lines and columns. I have turned Server Output on thinking that might help, but it didn’t. Is there any easy way within SQL Navigator to find the line and column that the Oracle Optimizer is erroring out on???

Thanks in advance for your review and hopeful for a reply.




The quickest way is to click on the error in the Error pane, it will put the cursor on the right column and row.
You can also turn on the ‘row number’ preference in the Preferences window or use Ctrl+G to go to a specific line.
Let me know if it helps.



Hey Gwen.

First of all, Thanks for the taking the time to help me out here.

A couple of things.

Here’s what my error message looks like. I have resolved this error…just trying to figure this out for future reference.

[1]: (Error): ORA-06550: line 60, column 13: PLS-00201

When I click on the error, actually double-click, all I’m getting is a window with an explanation of the error ORA-06550. When I click on the line and column, nothing seems to happen.

When I went to “Preferences” ==> Code Editors ==> SQL Editor and checked “Show Row #” it’s just sequentially numbering the SQL Tab Panel…so it really is not numbering the same way as the optimizer because the optimizer is referring to an executable line, not a physical line.

So I’m still flapping like a flounder here. Or maybe I’m just being thick.

Could you maybe expand on your explanation based on my feedback???

Let me know and Thanks again.



One click should take you to the line with the error. Double click will give more information on the error. I re-checked it and this feature doesn’t seem to work as expected in 6.* for script that contains PL/SQL. In previous version, that same error will span into 2,3 lines.

For example, in 6.* I get: “ora-24344: success with compilation error PLS-00201: … PL/SQL: Statement ignored” all in one line
In 5.5, I would get:
"PLS-00201: … "
“PL/SQL: Statement ignored”
Clicking on either of these will take me to line that contains the error.

There was a bug in our system to fix this and consequently will fix the ‘moving cursor’ as well. Thanks for the feedbacks.



Hey Gwen.

We are on SQL Navigator Release

So are you saying this one-click functionality is not working and is not available in this Release which would explain why I can’t one-click to the exact line and column the error is on???

Is there a work around???

Let me know.

And Thanks Again!


That’s strange. 5.1.0 should work ok. Would it be possible for you to provide whichever script you were trying to execute?